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    Looking for a contact to handle a swarm of bees? See our "Swarms" page, under "Bees and Beekeeping".

    Our monthly meetings are held the fourth Monday of every month. We are currently meeting at the Red Bank Presbyterian Church, located at 4320 Dayton Blvd, in Red Bank, Tennessee, just outside Chattanooga. Zip code is 37415.

    The round red "push pin" on the map at the right shows you the church location. Click on the map to open it. You can zoom in and out with the plus and minus keys.

    If you need to reach us by old-fashioned "snail mail" where you have to use an envelope and postage stamp:

    Tennessee Valley Beekeepers Association
    c/o Chip Kelly
    6915 Barchel Circle
    Harrison, TN  37341


    If a modern "e-mail" is good enough, click on the below link or just type it into your email address:


    Red pin below shows where we meet - the 4th Monday of every month


    President - Stewart Ledford

    Vice President - Doug Eckert

    Treasurer - Chip Kelly

    Secretary - Nancy Williams

    Media Director -  Brian Hamilton

    Mentorship Program - 
    Forrest Randall Overton

    Ruth Ann Hampton

    Past Presidents - Ken Lee

    Amanda Turner

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